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Wuxi kaierke (KELK) the use of advanced software for product design and reverse engineering forward. Using CFD / FEM calculation fluid analysis, while the use of Solidworks and other three-dimensional design software and finite element analysis of body and trim stress and deformation analysis, the maximum stress and maximum deformation position, not only the design of more efficient , more intuitive, and the fluid control design more reasonable, to provide a theoretical basis for optimizing structure, saving material. The main use of design tools: AutoCAD, MasterCam, SolidWorks and so on.

Wuxi kaierke (KELK) design department is committed to manufacturing high quality, high reliability, high security valve products, in strict accordance with the regulations plan, implement, document management, control design and development.

Wuxi kaierke (KELK) concept from product design and development is ahead of the beginning of the conceptual design, the use of advanced design tools, through to the final production, have adopted strict quality control system and advanced testing processes, through continuous design improvement to ensure that the product faster and better able to adapt to the market.