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  • One day in the very near future ...

  • A new dam will be built, and an old one will be reinforced for the next few decades.
  • Chemical wastewater will have to be safely transported through the different purification processes.
  • An infrastructure for a new super passenger aircraft will be needed - enough extinguishing water must be available in the event of emergencies.
  • A highly efficient power station with high technical safety requirements is planned.

These and similar activities require specialised valve solutions. This is a home game for KELK because we provide competent solutions for water and wastewater.


Our international sales teams work with our customers to find the solutions that respond to their requirements. Our team’s technical competence enables them to recognise problems and devise the right solutions. Our team’s business competence enables them to ensure that the solution they develop is the most cost effective. And our teams are sensitive to linguistic and cultural differences.


Each valve is unique: use and configuration require comprehensive solutions and often even brand new ideas. Our sales representatives do not simply select individual valves and give them drives and controls, they go to the tool-box and design a unique valve that meets the use and configuration specifications.


Country and customer-specific quality requirements are nothing new to KELK. Our valves run continuously for decades. From the Brazilian rain forest to the Gobi desert, KELK's valves withstand the ravages of time. The quality of our valves is still clearly visible after decades of endurance.


Wuxi KELK is a manufacturing company that adds value to every manufacturing site. We partner with suppliers who follow and implement our philosophy making each manufacturing site part of our valve’s tool-box. Quality, cost effectiveness and speed are clear signs of a mature idea - something we learned from the automobile industry. Our product life cycle is limited to 5 years - that ensures dynamism!


Our employees identify themselves with the company and see the flat organisation structure as a service. Our employees' suggestions and criticism, their different cultures and international orientation constantly broaden our horizon. We are able to use these opportunities because we are a personal, flexible, mid-sized company.


We want to grow so that we can work towards the responsible use of scarce resources and provide more people with jobs they can identify with. You can measure us by our innovations because 'we move water'.