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Coating thickness test

Magnetic induction test can measure the thickness of the material thickness of the coating or corrosion medium. 

According to the figure: according to GSK standards (perishable product quality protection standards) for testing, coating thickness should be> 250 μm.

Crash Test

Let the hammer in vertical fall within the set range for crash tests. Every weight at a rate of 5 Nm impact spraying the surface of the coating neither cracking nor peeling.

Pore Test

Use high pressure tester to detect coating at a specific voltage has no pores, tested with a rubber electrode.

Adhesion test

Adhesion strength test (DIN EN ISO 4624) for detecting a sprayed on coating material adhesion.

Penetration Testing

GSK cathode penetration test is based on guidelines and DIN30677 standards, at 23 ° C under a 30-day corrosion test. Affected sodium chloride solution cathodic polarization, the coated surface of the test sample would have a flaw.