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Operational Excellence

WUXI KELK APPARATUS &VALVE CO.,LTD implement operational excellence management concept to lean organizational system, operational excellence helps customers to eliminate waste, optimize the quality of products and services, increase customer satisfaction, and create higher value.

High performance operating management team

In order to better carry out the localization strategy, KELK composed of Chinese and Western high-performance operation and management team: from North America's management team, brought advanced management concept. Engineering and technical experts from home and abroad, the industry scholars to form a highly efficient, flexible, and innovative marketing, engineering and service team.

China's domestic operations in North America, elite R & D team to help KELK to provide the Chinese market for products and services.

High performance operational production team

WUXI KELK APPARATUS &VALVE CO.,LTD strictly abide by the principles of lean production, and strive to achieve low-cost production of a variety and quality of products in mass production.

Wuxi KELK continuously improve project delivery capabilities for customers to reduce costs, improve productivity, increase market competitiveness to provide the necessary high-quality products.