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Manufacturing Process

Process control testing as a process control and management aspects of the product, is to control the intrinsic quality of key positions, but also as a factory to reduce the loss of quality control of product costs and ensure timely delivery of an important part. The main process is a process of testing: the first seizure, inspection, finally seized three parts. Each employee is to establish the next process is the customer's awareness, to ensure that each member of staff have been elaborate and rigorous testing, high sense of responsibility of employees in each component was dissolved. Coupled with advanced detection equipment and strict scientific management, carefully selected to withstand every production of the finished customer, to ensure safe and reliable products.

  • Machining process and size control
  • Precise machining process control
  • Cryogenic Treatment
  • Supersonic spray
  • Post-welding heat treatment to destress
  • Stress test after finishing
  • Pressure test